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Summer is coming... 

We know summer is a busy time, which is why we offer Guaranteed Scheduling Satisfaction and customize program schedules around each student's needs.

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  1. Each student sets a goal score range, e.g. 1400-1430, for the August exam.

  2. Because every student’s goal is unique, we develop a customized and adaptable program to meet your goals.

  3. We only keep the balance of the retainer if the student’s August SAT score falls within the goal score range.

  4. We also offer a la carte programs for students seeking intensive short-term SAT/ACT prep.

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Whatever your needs, our programs offer flexibility and value. Guaranteed.


Our fee is a retainer tied to student’s August SAT score or a superscore.

The following are price estimates based on a 1200 base score.

+90 - 120​

+190 - 220

+250 - 260

+290 - 320





For early registration, we're happy to offer the following discounts!

Contact Alex Park at | 703 244 9997

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