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The SAT Prep.

You pick the score you want to achieve, and we develop a personalized plan you’ll follow to achieve that score. Students receive as-needed private lessons, SAT classes, and unlimited practice tests based on their personalized plan.

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  1. Students select a goal score, e.g. 1400

  2. We then charge a retainer, e.g. $3000, based on our expected costs to achieve that score.

  3. Students receive a customized plan which will adapt in real time to student needs. Lessons will consist of semi-private tutorials, private lessons, study sessions and/or practice tests - whatever our students need to achieve their goal score!

  4. The goal score system allows us to focus completely on student success rather than billable hours. We will work proactively to ensure that every student achieves his or her goal score.


Because every student's goal is unique, the following prices are approximations. This sample price is modeled off a 1200 base score.

100 pts

150 pts

200+ pts


2,750 - 3,750


4,000 - 5,000

Customized payment plans are available.

Contact me at

or 703-244-9997

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