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SAT Prep

You pick the score you want to achieve, and we develop a personalized plan you’ll follow to achieve that score. Students receive as-needed private lessons, SAT classes, and unlimited practice tests based on their personalized plan.

Basic - 20 / hr *


Money-Back Guarantee - Varies **

Pick Your Score - Varies ***

Develop a long-term plan.

These days, planning for college can never start too soon. It might sound crazy, but it’s true. We hope to make the process simpler and easier for everyone. All our consulting clients volunteer regularly and consistently, obtain internships and research positions, and apply to a list of schools which fit their interests.

Price varies.

Affordable private lessons.


Inspired by Oxford tutorials of 1 to 3 students, the Tutorial Program reduces private lesson prices without compromising 1-on-1 instructor-student time.


All Subjects


For students with major gaps in learning or for those who just prefer a one-on-one setting, we recommend private lessons.

60 / hr

One-on-one help at an affordable price.

Whether it’s a tricky homework assignment or a looming exam, Study Hall allows students to get one-on-one help without breaking the bank. Students self-study in a group setting, but receive individualized assistance from our instructors. Study Hall is free for Pick Your Score and Consulting students.

Day - 50 *

Week - 100 **

Month - 350 ***

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